NOT Equal Opportunity Employers

My chinese has grown leaps and bounds over these past couple months – to the point where I can reasonably surf the internet for jobs. ChinaHR is pretty similar to the or, etc. Other competing sites include 51job and ZhaoPin .

As I was filling out my profile to apply for jobs, this is the screen I came across:

Take a closer look to see what kind of questions they ask me!

For non-chinese readers – they actually asked for my marital status, sex, age, and political affiliation!

At first I thought, “they couldn’t possibly be filtering on these criterion,” but I’ve actually seen job postings where they indicated they only want “people between the ages of 28 and 40” or “under 40” or “only women need apply”

These are clearly requirements that you would never see in the US, and it’s generally accepted here. I think the attitude is that since people rely so much on guanxi, they don’t expect applying for jobs to be necessarily a fair process per se. Either that, or people think there isn’t much they can do even if they don’t think it’s fair.

I don’t know much about the employment laws here, so I am unsure if this is explicitly allowed or disallowed.

Furthermore, by and large, it is very apparent that foreign companies are held up to much different and higher standards than local companies – but that’s a big topic for another day.


One response to “NOT Equal Opportunity Employers

  1. Somehow it is true that men and women don’t get the same job opportunities in China and some employers clearly specify the age range, marital status , height and even they require a recent life phote sometimes ….Other times they won’t put it in public for fear of some violation of labor laws, but will practise it when doing selection process or interview.

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